Duty Free Shopping at Lynden Pindling Airport

Which shops are located in Lynden Pindling Airport?

Name Location Before / After Security Opening Hours Telephone
Bahama Sol Departures - - 242.702.7152
Caribbean Lighthouse Departures - - 242.375.4300
Cays News Departures - - 242.702.7590
Cays News and Convenience Departures - - 242.702.7187
Cays News and Gifts Departures - - 242.702.7188
John Bull Departures - - 242.702.7153
My Ocean Departures - - 242.702.7162
Pirana Joe Departures - - 242.702.7155
The Last Straw Departures - - 242.327.5248
Tortuga Rum Cakes Departures - - 242.702.7170
Uniquely Bahamian Departures - - 242.702.7159

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